GBNC Government

Executive Committee

Ms. Anju Thapa

Senior Vice-President
Mr. Sandip Bhattarai

Mr. Chiranjibi Acharya

Mr. Sunil Nepali

Ms. Sanu Barma Adhikari

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Sanu Barma Adhikari is a highly skilled and accomplished professional with a background in nursing and a robust presence in numerous civic and cultural organizations. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the prestigious Tribhuvan University (TU) Teaching Hospital Nursing Campus. With her unwavering dedication to her patients’ care and wellness, she served as a Registered Nurse at Bir Hospital General and Neuro Surgery for an impressive 17 years, gaining comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the healthcare field.

In addition to her healthcare pursuits, Sanu has showcased her exceptional leadership skills and commitment to her community by holding key positions in several local and international organizations. Since 2018, she has held the position of Founder Chair Person of the Creative Women Group of New England (CWGN), a platform that empowers and encourages the participation of women in creative pursuits. Her leadership continues to be instrumental in building the group into a force for change in the community.

Sanu has also dedicated herself to the Boston Metro West Nepali Community, where she has been serving as Vice President. Her leadership extends to the Pashupatinath Buddha Foundation of New England (PABFONE), where she served on the Board of Directors from 2022 to 2024, and later, joined the Board of Trustees in 2023. Her involvement in PABFONE showcases her devotion to preserving and promoting Nepali culture and spirituality in the diaspora.

Her community services also include being a Board of Director of the Greater Boston Nepali Community (GBNC) from 2020 to 2022, Vice President from 2022 – Present and the Non-Resident Nepali Association Massachusetts Chapter (NRNA Mass Chapter) from 2019 to 2021. In both roles, she actively contributed to the strengthening of Nepali communities in the Boston area.

To further her commitment to the promotion of Nepali culture and literature, Sanu is a lifetime member of the International Nepali Literary Society (INLS), an organization that brings together Nepali writers, poets, and scholars from around the world. This involvement reaffirms her unwavering commitment to preserving and celebrating Nepali heritage.

Sanu Barma Adhikari’s diverse professional and civic involvement underscore her dedication to healthcare, community service, cultural preservation, and women empowerment. Her contributions continue to have a profound impact on the communities she serves.

General Secretary
Mr. Sonam Sherpa

Mr. Milan Basnet

Mr. Ajay Kushwaha

Asst. Treasurer

Mr. Prakash Khadka

Board Of Directors

Abhishek Acharya

Ajaya Dhakal

Ajit Pokhrel

Aang Dawa Sherpa

Ashok Kafle

Bhisma Acharya

Biraj Bhattarai

Biraj Gurung

Deepa Ghimire Pokhrel

Deepak Katuwal

Dipendra Subedi

Shiva Mishra

Prabha Gautam

Pramila Dhamala Banjara

Raj Lama

Ranjan Dahal

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Ranjan Dahal is a passionate Data Professional with a comprehensive background in Computer Science and Engineering Management. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the prestigious University of Massachusetts, Boston, and further pursued a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from Northeastern University. With a keen interest in leadership, he has also acquired a Master Certificate in Gordon Engineering Leadership from Northeastern University. Ranjan has over 10 years of experience in the technology field and is a United States Army veteran working in Apache Helicopter. Currently, he works at Wayfair, an ecommerce home décor company and is associated with KhelKud Inc, a non profit organization promoting health and wellness. 

Ranjan has a profound commitment to community service, which he expresses through his efforts to promote Nepali culture and provide support to those in need. His approach is rooted in mentorship, believing in the power of guidance and knowledge-sharing to uplift individuals and communities. Recognizing the importance of physical health in overall well-being, Ranjan also actively supports sporting events to foster a healthy lifestyle.

Currently, Ranjan serves as a board of director of the Greater Boston Nepali Community (GBNC), leveraging his professional acumen and personal commitment to guide those seeking employment and educational opportunities. He works diligently to advance the rich traditions of Nepali culture within the community and extend his mentorship to those who need it most.

Ranjan’s amalgamation of technical expertise, leadership skills, and unwavering dedication to community service make him an exceptional asset to any endeavor he undertakes.

Roshan Yadav

Sajana Adhikari

Sangit Tamang

Sangye Palden Sherpa

Sourav Adhikari

Subarna KC

Sudip Sharma

Sunita Bhandari Bhusal

Ubaraj Subedi
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Ubaraj Subedi, a distinguished Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over a decade of experience in the fields of accounting, audit, taxation, and strategic planning. Ubaraj’s expertise and commitment to excellence have made him a highly respected professional in his industry.

With a deep understanding of financial management and unwavering attention to detail, Ubaraj has consistently provided invaluable insights to individuals and businesses alike. His extensive knowledge and proficiency in strategic planning, business consulting, and business performance analysis have allowed him to guide organizations toward success and growth.

In addition to his CPA designation, Ubaraj holds the esteemed title of Fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). This recognition not only highlights his exceptional achievements but also signifies his dedication to continuous professional development and staying abreast of the latest industry trends.

Ubaraj’s passion for serving the community is evident through his involvement as a Board Member of the Greater Boston Nepali Community (GBNC) since 2020. His commitment to making a positive impact and contributing to the welfare of others is truly inspiring. Ubaraj’s love for serving the community extends beyond his professional endeavors, showcasing his genuine desire to create a better world for those around him.

His dedication to open communication reflects his willingness to collaborate and support others in their financial and strategic endeavors.

Ubaraj Subedi is an exceptional CPA, renowned for his extensive knowledge in accounting, audit, taxation, strategic planning, and business consulting. His commitment to excellence, coupled with his love for community service, has solidified his position as a respected professional and a beacon of inspiration.