Article I


a) The name of this organization is “Greater Boston Nepali Community”.

b) The organization shall also be known by the acronym of “GBNC”.

Article II


The purpose of this organization is as follows:

1.      To unite people of Nepali origin and those interested in Nepali culture residing in Massachusetts

2.      To promote and preserve Nepali culture and traditions.

3.      To establish and foster cordial relations with other national and international organizations.

4.      To promote charitable, educational, and religious activities.

5.      To assist in the socioeconomic, cultural, and academic development of Nepal.

6.      To help people in Nepal and any other during natural calamities.

Article III

Programs and Activities

The organization will perform the following functions and activities:

1.      Nepali New Year Celebration (Baishakh Sandhya)

2.      Dashain Festival Celebration

3.      Nepalese Deusi Bhailoo Program

4.      Buddha Jayanti

5.      Summer Barbecue

6.      Coordinate with other Nepalese Associations as well as other relevant organizations for the purpose of fulfilling its objectives.

7.      Raise funds for the continual functioning and sustenance of GBNC

8.      Provide scholarships to college/university student members of Nepalese Origin studying in MA

9.      Publish and update the member directory

10.  Continuous maintenance of the GBNC website

11.  Any other activities decided by the GBNC Board of Directors and/or the General Assembly.

12.  If new programs involving more than $3000 (three thousand) shall be added to the activities, such a program shall review prior approval from the simple majority of the Board. Removal of existing activities shall also review prior approval from the simple majority of the Board.

Article IV
Article V
Article VI
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Article VIII
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Article XIII
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Article XVII
Article XVIII

GBNC Constitution and BY-LAWS formation committee “third amendment” of the By-Laws

Approves these By-Laws only to use by a nonprofit organization mentioned in these By-Laws “Greater Boston Nepali Community” or (GBNC)

* Change by a majority of General Assembly 2016