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Nepali /English interpreter

Posted By: PADAM Posted on: Monday August 24, 2009 08:21 PM
This a message received to GBNC members, please contact ASAP to the person below: Dear GBNG community– Thank you very much for reading this. I am desperately looking for a Nepali /English interpreter (NOT for free) for some medical interviews in Boston/Brookline, MA this week (and probably next week as well), this person may be willing to assist in 3 or more interviews sessions for 1-2 hours each one. Please feel free to share this information with all your community. If anyone knows and/or can recommend a Nepali /English interpreter, please have him/her to contact me as soon is possible. Please help your fellow community member. Sincerely, Miguel Rojas (tisolutions@cox.net) 401.529.0306

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